5 Ways to Use Explain Everything in Math

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5 ways to use Explain Everything in the Math Classroom

#1: Interactive Lessons with Student Voice
Instead of handing out the typical Math worksheet, engage student by creating an interactive lesson in Explain Everything. Students can complete their work directly in Explain Everything and provide an oral explanation to justify their answers. If students prefer using paper and pencil, they can take a picture of their work, import their picture into EE then record their oral explanation of how they reached their answer.  Encourage students to use a pointer to help explain each step they did and why.


This is an excellent way to identify any misconceptions and is also a great way to guide teacher instruction.  In the following example, the student's formula is written incorrectly but once the student explains her work, she proves that she actually understands the formula.

#2: Student created tutorials
There is no better way to see if students truly understand a math concept than to make them teach it!  Ask students to create a 1 to 2 minute video tutorial that will help teach other students.  Encourage students to use a variety of tools such as models and simulations to help explain their process.

#3: Teacher created tutorials
As educators, we know that students work and learn at different paces which is why it is essential to provide extra support to those students who require more processing time.  Short, engaging video tutorials are great resources to provide students so they can access and re-watch the lesson whenever needed.

#4: Virtual Manipulatives
Explain Everything makes it easy to provide students with a variety of virtual manipulatives such as:

         Counters http://bit.ly/2e4xnxn

Algebra tiles  http://bit.ly/2e4yVrh

Fraction strips http://bit.ly/2eyJ9Fz

                Fraction circles   http://bit.ly/2eojbCG

  Integer counters http://bit.ly/2eAm54A

                Pattern blocks http://bit.ly/2eogl0e

                Protractor http://bit.ly/2eojxsF

                Ruler http://bit.ly/2eLz2t0

**All templates are downloaded to Dropbox.  Once downloaded, the only way to access files is to open them directly through Explain Everything**

#5: Teacher Feedback 
Explain Everything is an excellent tool that can be used to help teachers assess student understanding but it can also be used to provide students with meaningful feedback in Math class.

Challenge yourself today by trying one of these ideas in your math class. Your students will thank you for it!

Lindsay Deschamps


I am an Innovation Instructional Coach for District School Board North-East in Ontario, Canada.


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